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Powerpoint Template for Teachers (Tailored to DOE Class Observation Rubric)

Here is a powerpoint template that takes into consideration the DOE Class Observation Rubric

DOE Class Observation Rubric:

1. The teacher displayed a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.
2. The teacher’s lesson supports the learning outcomes of the course.
3. The teacher reviewed the previous lesson/s.
4. The teacher made the students aware of the objectives of the lesson.
5. The teacher provided an overview/introduction of the lesson.
6. The teacher gave sufficient input about the subject matter.
7. The input was presented in a clear and organized manner.
8. The teacher provided a preview of the next lesson/s.
9. The teacher was aware of student progress.
10. The teacher kept the students attentive and involved in the lesson.
11. The lesson stimulated critical thinking and learning.
12. The teacher’s method was appropriate to the lesson.
13. The teacher’s lesson was appropriate to the level of the class.
14. The teacher made appropriate use of technology.
15. The teacher was well prepared for class.
16. The teacher provided sufficient closure to the lesson.
17. The teacher showed care and concern for the students.
18. The teacher’s personal qualities and demeanor generated respect
from the students.


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